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Photo of Photo of Kim Leister

Kim Leister

Vice President

P: 404-524-2812

Kim launched her career in public relations and marketing, but always knew her love was retail and owning her own local shop. After a successful run as a local shop owner, she then went on to be a Sales Rep and eventually - with business partner Amy McKnight, purchased the Agency they worked for. Going back to her public relations and marketing roots, the Agency got a new name, new look, new perspective and Knack was born. In 2020, Knack merged with Simblist to grow and expand both businesses. Kim’s absolute love for the industry and all that it encompasses drive her to create an environment of positivity and success for all involved.

Photo of Photo of Amy McKnight

Amy McKnight

Director of Sales

P: 404-524-2812

Amy began her career as a Buyer for White House Black Market and went on to be the top Sales Rep for a Sales Agency in the Mid-Atlantic. Amy then joined forces with Kim Leister and purchased the Agency - changing the name to Knack and ultimately modernizing and growing the business to answer today's needs. Growing up in retail, Amy has an uncanny ability to understand customers and vendors alike for long-term partnerhsip and success.